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Making a Will is vitally important and does not need to cost the earth. Although you do not have to make one by law, if you do have a will it means that your affairs are dealt with in accordance with your instructions. It removes uncertainty for family members at a very difficult time and they know they are acting in accordance with your wishes.

Leaving a will can, in the long run, be far cheaper than not having one at all. If you leave no will, one of the entitled beneficiaries must petition the Court to be appointed as Executor and before the Court will confirm that person as Executor to the estate, an insurance policy, known as a Bond of Caution, must be obtained. The process of dealing with an estate where there is no Will can be expensive and time consuming.

If you would like to discuss making a Will, or you wish to make alterations to your existing Will, please contact John Campbell or Gillian Conlon by completing the form to the right or by telephoning 0131 554 6321.


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